So here you are. The Edge of Formality.

You are found on the planet of Lorel. It sits on the borders of House Stiener and House Kurita in the beginings of the periphery. There is little that passes as law and pirates like to call this little place home. Finding yourself in the year 3025 on a backwater planet that everyone thinks they can plunder. Hopefully this is only the start of your adventure. If you can make it out alive.

Being on the edge of Kuritan space alone is taxing, but adding the Stieners, and you really know taxes. soft laughing You have to understand your way around to be able to survive in the Periphery, and to thrive… you have to be ruthless. If you can eack out a humble existence you are doing great. To be a ruler… well that depends on the pond as they say. Solaris longshots have better odds somedays, but you have to gamble, for what else do you have to bargain with?

After a few years….

Now you know success. Investing in Lorel was easy. Winning against all odds, easy. Now what? Test your mettle against the Deepest darkest parts of the universe. Why not?

At the edge of formality

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