At the edge of formality

6 Month Advance

We will be advancing the timeline 6 months. Here are some highlights of things that have happened during the six months.

  • Engineering Inc. opens an office on Lorel and is working constantly.
  • Engineering Inc. has just finished rebuilding the two apartments that were destroyed last game.
  • The new salvage truck and crane were delivered to Lorel.
  • A site is picked and Engineering Inc. has broken ground on the Small Arms Factory. For now it is being called Smalls Warehouse Project, in an effort to reduce knowledge and future attacks against it.
  • Local news has run several stories about all 6 of you and your backgrounds. They are all into your business. It has slowed in the last month or so.
  • Snake takes over command of the Visigoths.
  • The shed over the entrance to the Arena is finished and fully furnished. Business in light spurts is being done. Traffic in and out of the shed is normal and no one suspects anything.
  • Three farmboys show up due to the press coverage you are getting and want to sign up. They each cost 1 SP and they are beyond green (2 Gun, 2 Pilot, 2 Sensor).
  • Kelly McGillis is advancing well and over the six months he improves. He would now be considered regular.
  • News of a very infectious computer virus is surfacing. Comstar is looking into the virus and ways to deal with it. They will be consulting with Terra.
  • With the Stieners leaving, all curfews and lockdowns are lifted.
Decisions you have to make:

Order a AS7-D ATLAS. Cost: 48 WP TN 20 (Negotiation) +/- 1% up to 10% per MoF/MoS.



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