At the edge of formality

Bait for a trap

While you are out there baiting the pirates please pick up milk, bread and some Pirate treasure.


Barren World, Unknown
1st December, 3028 – 18th December, 3028

You have set the trap, set the area. All that is left is for them to take the bait and attack.


Place three BT mapsheets side by side with the long axis being the side. The defender gets to choose all terrain.

Attacker: Unknown. The Attacker is Unknown in skill.

Defender: The Defender consists of the player’s BattleMech force. Player force chooses size.

Track Cost: 450 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative, choose logical bonuses)

*Acidic atmosphere (200 WP) – Every 2 turns roll 1d6 per mech and apply each point of damage on a random location. Pilot will last 4 full rounds in this environment, no exceptions.

*High wind (50 per point) – High wind. For every 50 points add 1 to the TN of all missile fire.

Deep Snow (75 points) – 1 extra heat bled off. 1 extra MP per hex. All jumps release steam at the end and add +1 to be hit, +1 to hit. 1 extra to hit with all weapons (jumping stacks so a +2). Pilots take 1 damage after 5 turns outside their vehicles.

Volcanic (100 points) – 3 extra heat for all mechs. Every hex, on a roll of 8 the mech’s feet are hit with hot magma, 2 points of damage per leg. Ash causes problems with targeting, it takes a sensor ops roll TN 9 every round to be able to target a mech. Pilots take 1 damage for every two turns out of their vehicle.

Mud (50 points) – 1A extra MP per hex accept jumping.

*Flash flood (300 pts) – Starting on turn one on a roll of 12 will cause a flood that will cover all map sheets. It will travel one sheet at a time. Random where it will start (d2) and it will cover one sheet a round. When hit with water, pilot needs to make a piloting check at TN 12. If fail the check, the mech will move 1d6 + MoF hexes the (d3) direction the water is moving. The mech will take damage equal to falling damage for the hexes moved / 2, intervening terrain may cause more damage. Every round after the roll will decrease by 3. For example, on the 2nd round the roll will be 6 or higher. Infantry and pilots caught outside their vehicle will have to make a survival roll at 16 to find a place to hide. If they know it is coming they can make 2 rolls at 12 to survive else they are killed.

*Electromagnetic Interference (100 WP per point) For every point bought it is +1 harder to hit a target. No radio contact is available.

Space Darkness (150 WP) +4 to hit all targets.

*Obscured vision (300 WP) – Either fog or smoke. Visibility is 4 hexes. No targets are visible outside of that.

Mines (-100 WP) – (-100 WP more if Acidic Environment) 5 hexes of 15 pt minefield.

*Rescue vehicle (-50 WP) You can bring a vehicle to recover anyone facing the elements.

OBJECTIVES (Rewards do not stack)

450 WP – Destroy/cripple half of attacking force.

700 WP – Destroy/cripple all attacking force OR reduce all mech’s speeds to less than 3 hexes per turn and force them to leave another edge.


Banking Initiative: Both sides can bank initiative.

Salvage: Due to the nature of the contract, the Defender may take 100% of salvage/ransom of any units left upon the field if they win one of the conditions and are not forced to retreat.

Hidden Units: Either side may use hidden units.

Off board movement: Either side may use off board movement.


You won. Cost you dearly, but not that dear. You can repair it all.

Possible Salvage
  1. PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk – 50%
  2. WVR-6R Wolverine – 60%
  3. MAD-6L Marauder – 12%
  4. WHM-6D Warhammer – 14%
  5. ARC-2K Archer – 2%
  6. MAD-3M Marauder – 1%
  7. HBK-4G Hunchback – 1%
  8. CRD-3L Crusader – 45%
Retreated Mechs
  1. SHD-2H Shadow Hawk
  2. JR7-D Jenner
  3. JR7-D Jenner
  4. BLR-1D Battlemaster
Event Total Note
Past 549 WP
Current Track -450 WP
Atmospherics 900 WP
Win Scenario 700 WP
Maintenance Mechs -5 WP
Build Fusion Plant (2 Months) -98 WP
New Total 1596WP



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