At the edge of formality

Commando Combat Report

To: Tom Jones
From: Arashi Minami
Subject: Prototype Commando Combat Report


When I first took the mech out for a test run and I ran it through its paces it seemed a little sluggish. It had decent speed when it got moving, but the controls were a bit sticky and it took some time to warm up. Due to the small size, I was concerned about damage from heavier weapons. The heavy laser, similar to my favorite, the Harmon Large, which is standard on the Phoenix Hawk, performed reliably. The weapon system had an effective punch during the initial tests.

The true test came during the defense of Helene, Lorel’s smaller moon. We were in a defensive position and not able to move far afield. I was worried about the mech’s survivability, so settled on a support fire and flanking role on the battlefield. The moon has light gravity, and this allowed all units to move very quickly. This additional speed contributed to my ability to stay in the fight. The enemy targeting computers had a hard time getting lock as the Commando ran from cover to cover. When the enemy did manage to connect, the damage was substantial as is evidenced by the loss of the left arm and infrastructure burns to the right leg. The laser was also disabled by a light barrage in the last few moments of conflict.

As a fire support mech, this mech performed quite well. Prior to being shut down, the heavy laser did significant damage at most ranges. The additional speed of the mech allowed for strategic combat positioning and good damage to the rear panels of a couple of enemy mechs. At close range, the weapon was able to shut down the combat systems of larger mechs, including a Vindicator and an Ostroc.

A synopsis of the high and low points are as follows:


  • The heavy laser is a solid reliable weapon.
  • The above average speed of the mech allowed for some safety and good positioning.
  • The Commando frame is well tested design with few bugs.


  • The light armor is a danger in heavy or sustained fighting.
  • The single weapon system leaves the mech useless if it is disabled.


  • Increase speed and/or armor.
  • Add a secondary weapon system.

Overall, the mech should perform admirably in scouting, light combat, and fire support missions.

Arashi Minami
1st Lorel Irregulars



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