At the edge of formality

Delivery by the Birds of War

But before

A civilian dropship and jumpship come into system and send a distress signal. Seems pirates killed and raped their way thru the ship. The ship was lucky to get away. The few survivors were tended by Lorel.

Birds of War

  1. Swallow – Arashi Minami
  2. Seagull – Yuri Yamamoto
  3. Pelican – Hans McGruber
  4. Turkey – Calvert Dosani
  5. Peacock – Kelly McGillis
  6. Pigeon – Jordan Graham

Delivery then…

So two deliveries are needed, one going to Clinton in Stiener space, and the other to Luthien, the captial of the Draconis Combine.

So the group decides to split up and the Drac’s decide to head to Luthien, while the Strudell heads go to Clinton. After 2-3 months each reach their destination.


Once getting planet-side on Luthien, the mobility of nobility on Luthien allows you to see the best parts of Luthien. The manicured lawns and gardens are centuries old and some of the best in the Inner Sphere. The tenders of the garden have a level of pride that many never feel.

Being able to visit family and be around them has both Arashi Minami and Yuri Yamamoto of them feeling refreshed. Getting ready for a visit to the Celestial Palace, takes time and resources.

After their visit to the Palace, advertising started in earnest for the new resort on Lorel. Also a new designed mech showed up on Lorel.

more to come…


Tech Tom Jones hired the group to deliver some items to Cranston Snord on Clinton.

more to come…

So ends 11 months in Oct 3027.

Other news

  • The infantry training facility in the mountains is finished and opened for training.

100 XP

Event Total Note
Past 882 WP
Current Track 0 WP
Past Track Salvage 88 WP Rounded up
Delivery 100 WP
Arena Gantries -70 WP
Maintenance Mechs -5 WP
Purchase Charger -22 WP Rounded down
Purchase Stinger -6 WP Rounded up
Purchase Valkryie -9 WP Rounded up
Fix and refit new mechs -5 WP
Purchase Atlas -55 WP
Arena (Gantries Finished) -151 WP
Delivery Fee for Fusion Plant -24 WP
Purchase 5 Mechs -96 WP
New Total 615 WP



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