At the edge of formality

Just another day

March 3029

Now that the Fusion Power Plant is done the city is starting to build up. The water processing/reclamation plant started breaking ground. A sheriff starts to patrol the city and the seneschal begins to start setting up shop. A small office is set up for both persons and they start doing business. It seems that land rights and disputes are a very hot topic on the continet of Beal.

After Jordan Graham successfully negotiating a contract with Micheal Takinow-Kurita for the mechs and use of the mech facilities for 10 years.

10 Dispossed Kuritans show up and apply to work with the Birds of War. 5 leave immediately upon learning that the Birds of War do not intend to attack Steiners. After “interviewing”, there were 3 applicants left. One was a former Gunsho, and has leadership experience.

It is found that Treehouse Entertainment has portrayed you as lackeys of Rooster
who are vile creatures.

Yuri Yamamoto is quietly married to Sasha Minimu. This is a quite wedding, to make sure an heir can start to be made. The “big” wedding is going to be afterwards. Local media is all over the event.

Arashi Minami is married to Mako Juri. Very nice celebration. Local media is all over the event.

Homestead Act has been enacted on all continents, thus allowing common men to gain land to work and build upon.

Mountain Training Facility is currently up and running. First gains have been realized. A new anti-mech and jump infantry platoons have graduated.

Greg’s estate is built. It covers several acres and is more expensive than it needs to be.

Racial tensions are growing on Lorel. As more new people are incoming, the more problems you have.

The 3 month contract you accept turns bad. You win but you lose both the Jenner and the Dervish. One of your Kuritan disposed is killed in the battle

Yuri Yamamoto finds long lost family gardener Benji – Benjamin Samus and hires him.

For their help, Content Not Found: pc-Tyson buys a nice ornate rifle for Arashi Minami and several high end spirits for Yuri Yamamoto.

June 3029

Travel to Gibson.

  • You notice that there is new construction at the Terra’s Titan facilities.
August 3029

Arashi Minami starts searching for Jor Tonaldson. After a week Jor is found and eventually tracked back to an apartment. Sure that Jor had seen him, Arashi Minami heads into the apartment to confront him. After a tense talk with Jor, an arrangement is made and both operatives part way.

Content Not Found: pc-Tyson starts investigating the attacks by Steiners against the planet of Gibson. He is able to talk with several veterans about the attacks and he gets an earful of the atrocities that the Steiners did to the population of Gibson. Investigating Comstar Refugee Camp call rolls he narrows the possible people who had the first name of Ezekiel, it narrows down to 7 possible people.

Jordan Graham successfully negotiates/bribes a deal for purchasing 5 mechs and one artillery piece to be shipped to Lorel as “Farming Equipment”. Upon receipt of the items, there are several whole threshers included to hide the military equipment.

2 new technicians are hired to work for the Birds of War.

January 3030

While you were away, deserters from Kurita, landed and attacked farms on Lorel. They stole food, and left when any force pursued them.

2 more recruits with military experience show up to be a part of the Birds of War as infantry.

6 green mechwarrior recruits show up as well.

All Commandos that Tech Tom Jones has built have been sold.

All mechs are operational and working.

Tech Jacob Karith showed up 1st of December.

150 XP given.

Starting: 1000 WP

+300 WP for Contract
+150 WP for Contract
+50 WP for Contract
-211 WP for Water Plant
-105 WP for Pill Factory
-106 WP for College
-1 WP for Administration Bldg
-16 WP for 2 Commandos
-66 WP for Crusader,Wolverine,Phoenix Hawk
- 95 WP for 4 x Spiders, Stalker, and a Long Tom

Ending: 900 WP



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