Micheal Takinow-Kurita


A man in his 60’s. He left the courts of the Kurtian government. His relation to the Coordinator is so far removed that he has no worry of being asked to serve the Dragon that way.


Vacationing on Lorel was something he did with all the other nobles. His vision was much deeper. He saw the possiblities in the Loreless wood and he took that idea and created a very lucrative business. Takinow Industries started outfitting personal spacecraft with luxury accomdations. Rich wood paneling and other ammenities that make these personal spacecraft works of art. His business serves clients throughout the Inner Sphere, even some Comstar clients.

Recently he has aquired some enemies and he is looking for some security resources for his business.

Mech’s available:

He currently has acquired a company of mechs.

1. Hermes II
2. Grasshopper
3. SHD-2H Shadow Hawk
4. WSP-1A Wasp
5. WSP-1A Wasp
6. Zeus – Life Support Problem
7. PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk – 5d10pts. 2 crits
8. Catapult – 1d100pts. 5 crits *
9. Dervish – 3d10pts. 1 crits
10. Firestarter – 1d10pts 3 crits *
11. JagerMech – 7d10pts
12. UrbanMech- 4d10pt no gyro *

Micheal Takinow-Kurita

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