Rooster - Franco Deleno [General]


Rooster runs the Visgoth Vandals. In a former life he was a Steiner soldier that killed his commanding officer in combat. Shot him in the back during a combat operation. It is rumored that his commanding officer was Captian James Benford, a social general that was very well connected. Not much is known about how he got here or why.

He ended up in the Visgoths and rose right to the top in less that 4 years. He did it thru sheer power of will. He killed anyone that challenged him, including the last guy to run the Visgoths.

Once he came into power the Visgoths actually started working together and start to really be a threat. He instituted many policies that the locals of Lorel liked. He made the civies in Lorel off limits. They had to pay “tribute”, but if they paid they were left alone. No execptions to this rule were ever tollerated, to his credit it only took a few examples made for both the “tribute” and the hands off approach to be in effect. Once he curtailed most of the erratic behavior of the band, he could get top rated technical staff hired and kept. His outfit is well maintained and supplied. This has helped keep his leadership of the Visgoths.

He is a calculated man, who has stayed in power of the Visgoths for 3 decades. He is slowing down, now that he is in his fifties, but has already this year killed 2 challengers, one in a mech and one hand to hand. He rides into battle in his very well maintained Maurader, painted yellow and called Big Bird, and inside joke for him.

Rooster - Franco Deleno [General]

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