Arashi Minami

Procurement Specialist


Arashi Minami is the half-breed, bastard brother of Aoki Kurita, a Kuritan noble who was 77th in line to the throne before his untimely death. Arashi, being of ill blood was given a minor commission as military intelligence and assigned as a bodyguard to his brother Aoki. In their 12th year together, an assassination attempt succeeded. A bomb-plot claimed the lives of Aoki and most of his retinue. Arashi, who was not on shift that evening, was spared the deadly fate.

However, after the death of his brother, the full weight of his cursed blood became felt. House Kurita had little use for a half-breed and a bastard at that. What was more, Arashi was considered unlucky and few would offer him solace within the ranks of Kurita nobility. He was able to use his former station and military commission to secure entry into the military schools relating to mechwarriors. After graduating, however, no company would take him. He was considered cursed, and no one wanted him.

He was able to use what little fortune he had to secure passage into the periphery where he was able to learn further piloting skills working for various mercenary and pirate companies. Occasionally he would pilot scout mechs or tanks for various outfits. Building on his education as a Kurita Operative he has made a name for himself as a specialist in procurement of experimental or valuable craft including aerospace fighters and battlemechs.

  1. Been granted a 1 sq. mile of Beal

Arashi Minami

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