Hans McGruber

The Bad Luck Mech Pilot


Owns an UrbanMech.

Related to Uncle Mac.

Married to Sara Gelten McGruber

Father to Lars McGruber


Hans McGruber was born to a minor noble family on the Skye Province. His parents who were mech pilots died in an attack by the freeworlds on the Lyran Alliance leaving Hans an orphan on the streets to fend for himself. After a few years on the street Hans McGruber was picked up by his Uncle who tried to treat him like one of his sons but due to Hans’ mistrust and hate of people Hans was difficult to interact with and was sent of to military school to work through his attitude problem. After military school Hans went back to his uncle’s to learn the family career mech pilot. After learning what he needed Hans went on to do a tour of duty where he met Jordan Graham who mentored him and gained what little trust Hans had to offer. When Jordan needed help Hans was on his way.

  1. Been granted a 1 sq. mile of Beal

Hans McGruber

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