Hermes II

Medium Mech


Hermes i istat


Mass: 40 tons
Chassis: Irian Chassis Class 40
Power Plant: Hermes 240
Cruising Speed: 64 kph
Maximum Speed: 97 kph
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: None
Armor: Riese 456
1 Oriente Autocannon
1 I.W.W. Medium Laser
1 Olympian Flamer
Manufacturer: Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Primary Factory: Irian, Shiro III
Communications System: Irian E.A.R.
Targeting and Tracking System: Wasat Aggressor
Irian’s military bread and butter, this ’Mech is the exclusive
property of House Marik despite being based on
the earlier, smaller Hermes just prior to the opening of the
twenty-ninth century. Perhaps Irian’s best selling point was
the massive production line they had for the unit. With the
military build-up following Kerensky’s Exodus, this production
capacity was vital. The fi rst few carried a prototype autocannon
spread across the torso, but rather than making
it more durable, it was vulnerable to damage in any part of
the torso. A temporary design with lasers was deployed to
replace units in the fi eld as designers reworked the Hermes
II to consolidate the reliable Oriente autocannon into its
current mount.
A heavy scout, the Hermes II has the tools to do the
job. With a top speed of nearly 100 kph, the unit possesses
the speed to stay ahead of any large military force. The autocannon
and laser give the Hermes II decent fi repower and
range, while the Olympian fl amer is not only fearsome to
infantry forces but a useful utility weapon on the battlefi eld.
The Hermes II’s biggest advantage is the seven-and-a-half
tons of Riese armor, more than any lighter unit scout unit.
This allows the Hermes II to slug it out with lighter ’Mechs
and survive a strike from a heavy unit so it can withdraw
to fi ght another day. The famous “wings” on the heels of
the ’Mech were originally designed to be heat sinks for the
fi rst prototypes but are vestigial as the designers moved
the lone, non-engine heat sink to the left torso. Pilots have
long been thankful for this, as it gives some protection to
the vulnerable ammo bin.
Found almost exclusively in the Free Worlds League, a
few Hermes IIs have made their way out of the League either
as battle salvage or with mercenary units. Irian prefers to sell
’Mechs in large lots, so the larger units in the League tend to
get priority. Of course, Irian will make adjustments for smaller
units desperate for the scout ’Mech—for a premium.
This solid design has had few variants. The most common
one involves swapping out the weapons for a pair of
large lasers; the HER-4K. This change is relatively easy as
the twenty-eighth century prototype mounted a pair of advanced
lasers and a fl amer, though with superior heat sinks
that could better handle the weapons’ heat load. A more
dramatic version, the HER-2M is nicknamed the Mercury
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Not to be confused with the Hegemony
design of the same name]. Powered by a larger VOX 280
fusion engine, the Mercury is faster, but the autocannon
must be removed to off set the additional weight. Shortrange
fi repower is improved with the addition of two more
medium lasers and a pair of machine guns, but long-range
fi repower is severely curtailed. This version is found primarily
in SAFE’s Dark Shadows unit.
Notable MechWarriors
Force Commander Adam Spivey: Referred to as a “man
with no soul” by his fellow warriors in the Dark Shadows,
Spivey leads from the front and has earned his subordinate’s
loyalty. He has been labeled a troublemaker by some
commanders, but those are often the ones who don’t support
their men. A rising star, Spivey made his name as a
young lieutenant during the Fourth Succession War. As
Tikonov Free Republic forces hit Wasat, the heavy Fifteenth
Marik Militia was caught off guard. Colonel Jake Hawkins
decided to establish an extremely static defense. Spivey’s
unit was placed on the east fl ank to cut off any scouts from
running around the defense’s end. Using superior mobility
and tactics, his lance kept an entire heavy company busy
while the middle of the Marik defensive line crumbled and
Colonel Hawkins was captured.
MechWarrior Zane “The Dreamer” Ving: Some warriors
are not cut out for leadership roles, and Vinge is one
of them. He is, however, an excellent scout pilot, and he
even managed to take down a Vindicator as part of the
Fourth Defenders of Andurien’s advance into the Capellan
Confederation during the Fourth Succession War. He
doesn’t follow any one particular faith, but rather absorbs
philosophies and beliefs from many diff erent sources. His
’Mech, “Plato,” is covered in sayings and quotes from many
diff erent philosophers, from the revered Confucius to the
controversial Aleksandr Kerensky and even including the
despised Stefan Amaris.

Hermes II

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