SHD-2H Shadow Hawk

Medium Mech




Mass: 55 tons
Chassis: Earthwerks SHD
Power Plant: CoreTek 275
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Maximum Speed: 86 kph
Jump Jets: Pitban LFT-50
Jump Capacity: 90 meters
Armor: Maximillian 43

  • 1 Armstrong J11 Autocannon
  • 1 Holly Long Range Missile 5 Rack
  • 1 Holly Short Range Missile 2 Pack
  • 1 Martel Model 5 Medium Laser

Manufacturer: Earthwerks Incorporated, Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Primary Factory: Calloway VI (Earthwerks), Dunianshire (Majesty)
Communications System: O/P 300 COMSET
Targeting and Tracking System: O/P 2000A


Though debuting years earlier, the Shadow Hawk was
forced into a recall when it was discovered that the armor
plating could sever key myomer bundles during combat.
The overhaul went smoothly and production restarted in
2550, which many historians deemed as the true debut of
the multi-role design.


The Star League wanted a medium BattleMech that
could function in a variety of roles, and that is what the
Shadow Hawk delivered. For long- and medium-range exchanges,
the Armstrong Autocannon and Holly LRM rack
do the job adequately, backed by an SRM launcher and
medium laser at short range.

Its pilots however, value the advanced life-support
system the most. The Sparrow 300J is known for keeping
MechWarriors comfortable almost a third longer than most
other systems, allowing for a sharper and more relaxed pilot
during long missions.


In widespread use throughout the Inner Sphere and
Periphery, the Shadow Hawk has always been considered
one of the most versatile designs in its weight class, and it
boosts an impressive battle record. With its jump capacity
and dexterous hand actuators, Shadow Hawks have been
used for reconnaissance, fi re support, raiding, and a wide
variety of other operations, both large and small.

The Second Proserpina Hussars used several lances of
their 2K variants to great effect while raiding Hean in 2920.
Attacking supply bases, both sides took heavy losses, but
the Hussars were able to capture several hundred tons
of supplies and destroyed thousands more. The logistical
problems caused by these raids would frustrate the Davion
troops in future campaigns against both the Combine and
the Confederation.


Houses Kurita and Davion have modified their Shadow
Hawks in great numbers.

The Federated Suns 2D model removes much of its
armor for a second medium laser and SRM pack, and an
additional two heat sinks. While impressive in firepower,
its four-and-a-half tons of armor is completely inadequate,
and units with these Shadow Hawks deploy them in ambushes,
hoping to get a deadly opening salvo before falling
to counter fire.

House Kurita on the other hand, has a much different
variant in the form of the 2K. All the weapons save the LRM
system are replaced by heat sinks and a PPC. Highly esteemed
by those that pilot it, many Lyran soldiers derided
the variant as a “Griffin knockoff ” despite its contribution to
victories on Alexandria and Baxter.

Notable MechWarriors

Sergeant Celeste Rio: With her bionic arm and a personality
perceived as even more mechanical, MechWarrior Rio
gained infamy among the Houses and many mercenary
units when Hansen’s Roughriders raided the system of
Shiloh for the Lyran Commonwealth. Marik Fighters heavily
contested the combat drop, but Rio was credited with
scattering the defenders by shooting down a pair of aerospace
fighters during her atmospheric descent, which resulted
in a crash landing and the loss of her arm. Though
several generous offers for her to transfer to other units
followed, she instead settled into semi-retirement, training
new recruits for her unit.

SHD-2H Shadow Hawk

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