Swift Wind Scout Car

Scout Car


Swift wind


Mass: 8 tons
Movement Type: Wheeled
Power Plant: GM 60 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 108 kph
Flank Speed: 162 kph
Armor: StarSlab/1
Armament: None
Manufacturer: Ceres Metals
Primary Factory: Indicass
Communications System: CeresCom Recon Model 12k
Targeting and Tracking System: I-Bal Mark 3


Since the automobile replaced the horse as the primary means of personal transportation, the scout car has been serving militaries everywhere. The Swift Wind is another iteration in this long line of vehicles. Ceres Metals’ proposed scout car blew away competing bids for a recon vehicle to serve the Capellan Military. Where other manufacturers submitted designs that were inexpensive, Ceres went for state-of-the-art technology. As the components of the Swift Wind have advanced, Ceres has kept pace, but the overall design has changed little.


Six Tablar-lined radial tires provide durable locomotion over a variety of terrains, from rough to smooth roads. As long as three tires are operational, the Swift Wind can live up to its name and maintain a top speed of over 160 kph. This velocity can often tax the most experienced of drivers, so Swift Winds are equipped with a scaled-down neurohelmet, allowing minor changes based on the pilot’s sense of balance. With speed like that, the Swift Wind can escape almost any land-bound opponent. A ton and a half of StarSlab/1 armor allows it to shrug off moderate firepower while fl eeing to friendlier areas.

While lacking a traditional weapon, commanders often find that the two tons of advanced communication equipment in the Swift Wind is more powerful than a Buster autocannon. Enemy units caught in an artillery barrage called in from a Swift Wind can testify to the scout car’s capability. Powerful enough to transmit coherent data and messages as far out as JumpShips at standard jump points, the Swift Wind can keep in contact from deep in enemy territory. On planets with a functional satellite system, the Swift Wind can stay in touch with units on the other side of the planet.


Only a few dozen Swift Winds can be found outside the Capellan Confederation (or the short-lived St. Ives Compact), with most of those “foreign” Swift Winds operated by mercenary units that served House Liao well. With the secession of St. Ives, Swift Winds actually competed against one another as the Confederation mounts raids against its former state. On Milos, the Compact used Swift Winds to keep tabs on Capellan scout units, tracking the signals to the main body of troops. House Liao troops quickly caught on, and it became a dangerous game of hide and seek.

Swift Winds would call in combat units on enemy Swift Winds who in turn would call in their own support while both units tried to elude the combat troops. Outside the town of Peking, two Swift Winds fi nally took the fight into their own hands, turning a wheat fi eld into a demolition derby arena.


The Swift Wind is a modern scout vehicle with a modern price tag. For customers on a tighter budget, Ceres has a version with a Confederated Motors 60 Ethanol/Flex. This internal combustion engine is a very reliable power plant but eliminates the standard cargo capacity. Some older Swift Winds use lighter ICE engines that provide cargo at the expense of speed, while others use larger engines that necessitate removal of some of the armor.

Notable Crews

Scout Mick Lewis: A pilot of a rare non-Capellan Swift Wind, Mick provides the First Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente with the best recon reports in the League. Lewis is so quiet and stealthy that he stole his Swift Wind out from under the nose of its Capellan driver. That success has not dampened his aggressive nature. He will actually sneak into enemy camps and get detailed information on supplies from ammunition to fuel to sundries. This had allowed the Fusiliers not only to determine the size of the opposing force but also the type and duration of the mission. Officers can often recognize Mick’s report even with his name redacted due to the thoroughness of his efforts.

Saint Ivan: No one knows the pilot’s real name, but he drives a specialized Swift Wind that roams the more remote Capellan planets, broadcasting the Free Capella Network. Citizens and non-citizens alike can be found gathering around radio, video, and trideo receivers when Saint Ivan is in the vicinity, hoping for a glimpse of the better life and perhaps what they can do to help achieve it. The Maskirovka attempts to crack down on people listening to the FCN as well as hunting down Saint Ivan, but the closest they have come was a brief glimpse on Holloway. The bounty on Saint Ivan is now at over three million L-Bills.

Swift Wind Scout Car

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