Light Mech




Mass: 30 tons
Chassis: Republic-R
Power Plant: Leenex 60
Cruising Speed: 21 kph
Maximum Speed: 32 kph
Jump Jets: Pitban 6000
Jump Capacity: 60 meters
Armor: Durallex Medium

  • 1 Imperator-B Autocannon
  • 1 Harmon Small Laser

Manufacturer: Orgus Industries
Primary Factory: Marcus (destroyed 2837)
Communications System: Dalban Interact
Targeting and Tracking System: Dalban Urban


Called upon to produce an effective light ’Mech for city fighting, Orgus Industries replied with the UrbanMech. Cheap to produce but potent in its assigned duties, the ’Mech was manufactured in large numbers from 2675 until the destruction of the Orgus Industries production lines, and many have survived the Succession Wars.


At 30 tons, the UrbanMech is a mid-range light ’Mech, meaning its slow speed would appear to be a distinct liability. But the ’Mech was designed for city combat, an environment that severely limits many other designs. Six tons of Durallex armor provides protection that rivals many medium-class BattleMechs, and the UrbanMech’s low, stocky profile presents opponents with a difficult target. The Imperator-B Class 10 autocannon is a reliable design that is well suited to the UrbanMech’s hit-and-run fighting style. Limited magazine capacity is a potential liability in a prolonged fight, and critics often note that, one way or another, an UrbanMech is good for about two minutes of combat.

A single Harmon small laser is the only backup to the Imperator-B. Only marginally effective, the laser can still persuade hostile infantry to keep their heads down. Standard tactics call for UrbanMech lances to split up into individual units and use buildings as cover to snipe at the enemy. Then the units fall back to regroup along the next line of defense and re-arm.


The UrbanMech was used by the Star League to suppress urban guerrillas and hostile light ’Mechs in heavily populated areas. During the Succession Wars the ’Mech was considered more of a liability than an asset. The Great Houses relegated the humble UrbanMech to garrison duty or stripped it for parts. Ironically this attitude ensured that the UrbanMech was spared the carnage of the First and Second Succession Wars. While may of its contemporaries have been consigned to the pages of history, the UrbanMech remains in service.

Unlike the other Successor States, the Capellan Confederation maintains a large number of UrbanMechs in its front line forces. Ravaged during the Fourth Succession War, the Confederation is desperate for any BattleMech to put on the field. After the Fourth Succession War, the St. Ives Armored Cavalry and Tikonov Republican Guards inherited many UrbanMechs.

A single battalion of Lothar’s Fusiliers (then a regiment of Liao’s Chesterton Reserves) defended the storehouses at Fort Lyons on Carver V. In 2862 Marik’s Fourth Regulan Hussars made a grab for the Atlas and Victor parts stockpiled there, but their lead company ran into Fusilier UrbanMechs as it moved into the city. Supported by armor and infantry, the Liao UrbanMechs used classic tactics, engaging the heavy ’Mechs with pop-up fi re, then vanishing among the buildings. The Hussars wound up with a major fight on their hands, and the assault bogged down. The Marik attackers eventually pushed the Liao forces back but sustained heavy losses and withdrew with only a fraction of the booty they had anticipated.


The only major variant of the UrbanMech is an armless version. Despite possessing a further streamlined profile, the disadvantages of this design proved fatal, and so very few have survived to the present. House Liao has a few UrbanMechs with an Imperator-Zeta Class 20 autocannon, known as the UM-60L. The weapon’s heat and mass have kept the ’Mech from gaining any great popularity.

Notable MechWarriors

MechWarrior Gordon Stuart: Seeing intense city combat as a member of Lothar’s Fusiliers of the Chesterton Reserves, MechWarrior Stuart twice refused promotion in favor of remaining with his urban defense lance and his battered but serviceable UrbanMech, the “Gallant.”

Stuart made no secret of his contempt for House Kurita. This attitude proved prophetic with the Combine’s failure to aid its Liao allies when the Federated Suns juggernaut romped triumphantly through the Confederation in 3028. Bitter and disillusioned, Stuart and many of his comrades abandoned the Confederation and joined Tikonov’s First Republican Guard when Pavel Ridzik formed the (short-lived) Tikonov Free Republic.

Commander Patricia Wellseley: This able officer commands an urban defense lance in the St. Ives Armored Cavalry. Although considered by many to be something of an eccentric (she collects teapots with passionate enthusiasm and tends toward bizarre reading habits), her performance as lance commander has been flawless. Her actions in defense of New Kolis on Maladar against a Davion raiding party have been used as examples of textbook tactics. As with many MechWarriors, Wellseley’s quirks are tolerated, even encouraged by superiors eager to find a competent commander.


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