WSP-1A Wasp

Light Mech




Mass: 20 tons
Chassis: 1A Type 3
Power Plant: Hermes 120
Cruising Speed: 64 kph
Maximum Speed: 97 kph
Jump Jets: Rawlings 52
Jump Capacity: 180 meters
Armor: Durallex Light

  • 1 Diverse Optics Type 2 Laser
  • 1 Bical SRM 2

Manufacturer: Irian BattleMechs Unlimited, Kali-Yama Weapons Industries, Defi ance Industries
Primary Factory: Shiro III (IBMU), Kalidasa (KYWI), Furillo (Defi ance)
Communications System: Duotech 65
Targeting and Tracking System: RadCom TXX


One of the most popular ’Mechs in existence, the
Wasp is also one of the oldest. Developed to fill a recon
role for the Terren Hegemony in 2471, the original lacked
missiles and was slower than the current model but performed
well. Its appearance on the battlefield shocked
opponents when the Wasp leaped into the air, using the
first jump jets. In six hundred years of service, the Wasp has
shown itself to be a quality recon workhorse in all known
space. Frequently paired with the similar Stinger, the Wasp
takes on a more anti-vehicular role while the Stinger serves
as an anti-personnel ’Mech.


The Wasp is often called quick rather than fast. Never
one of the fastest ’Mechs, it can nonetheless keep up or
ahead of most formations, and the Rawlings jump jets allow
the Wasp to traverse broken or urban terrain with ease.
Sporting a medium laser and dual SRM tubes, the Wasp
can hold off against other recon units and work in concert
with other units to bring down enemies.


Any place you can find BattleMechs, you can find
Wasps. Produced by at least nine factories, every major
government in the Inner Sphere and Periphery manufactures
the Wasp. More numerous than even the common
Locust or Stinger, this is a testament to the increased offensive
threat of the Wasp.

Four ’Mechs—two Wasps and two Stingers—were responsible
for the destruction of a lone Liao Goliath during
House Davion’s capture of Kittery in 3005. While the assault
’Mech massed as much as the entire lance, its heavy weaponry
was inaccurate at short range against the mobile recon
units. Though both Stingers were destroyed, the Wasps
were eventually able to breach the Goliath’s torso armor,
setting off an ammunition explosion that destroyed the
’Mech. House Davion would repeat these tactics during
the Fourth Succession War, with Delta Company’s decimation
of Cochraine’s Goliaths on St. Andre.


Most Wasp variants replace the missile launcher; House
Kurita’s 1K exchanges it with a machine gun and adds more
armor, while the Davion 1D version has a flamer and dual
small lasers. The Capellan’s 1L model drops all the weapons
to mount an SRM quad-rack, while Wolf’s Dragoons 1W
variant replaces the weaponry with six small lasers.

Notable MechWarriors

MechWarrior Ross Malone: A noted tracker, Malone is an
expert at hunting down enemy ’Mechs in his Wasp, “Nightshroud.”
Once determining their capability and intentions,
Simonson’s Cutthroats will spring a trap on them. Ross has
frequently turned down promotions, preferring to stay in
the field and use his skills.

Captain Carver McCool: Rare is the officer who commands
from a Wasp, but Captain McCool leads from the
front in his recon company for House Liao’s Red Lancers.
While morale dropped under Romano’s rule, McCool refused
to give in to the pall that clouded his realm. Despite
his talent, subordinates from other companies complained
of physical abuse from Captain McCool, but those reports
were buried.

WSP-1A Wasp

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