At the edge of formality

Save the pig's bacon

500km East of Port City, Lorel
05:30 Local Time, 17 May, 3026

Who would have thought a paid contractor would have been that gun ho to drop into a hot zone to get business. Uncle Mac must have paid very well, or this guy is very hungry. Either way he dropped about 5 kms from an incoming Stiener advance. Then he panic’ed. Well that helps…

So he is running from mechs in a sedan, over open range. LOL. It would be funnier if he didn’t mean so much to you all.

So stupidity leads to you finding his ass and saving it… Great!


Place two random CBT mapsheets end-to-end.

Attacker: The Attacker consists of 100% of the player’s deployed forces. The Attacker deploys within four hexes of the east edge of the maps. The Attacker is Regular in skill.

Defender: The Defender consists of up to 6 mechs of the player’s BattleMech force. Also there is a small vehicle with 10 HPs total being chased by the attackers. The vehicle must be with 8 hexes of the attackers, in the “lead”. This is “the package” and must be protected at all costs.

Track Cost: 50 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative)


OBJECTIVES (All WP Rewards Cumulative)

Save this pig (50 WP)


Forced Withdrawl: The Forced Withdrawl rules are in effect. The Defender must withdraw through the west edge of the maps. The Attacker must withdraw through the east edge of the maps.

Salvage: Due to the nature of the contract, the Defender may take 50% of salvage/ransom of any units left upon the field.

Welcome to Lorel MotherF****….

A lucky hit took out the P-Hawk, but you won the day and saved the contractor. He is very happy to have been saved. Being the son of the boss does help one to to keep their job. He started to to work as soon as you rolled into town so you are happy he is there now. Harimon Armorments are very interested in this planet.

Now two more forces are incoming. One from the pirate point at about 4 G’s and one from the L2 Lagrange point at a consistent push. One Rooster seems to have known about, and one he didn’t.

Well, you have a few hours to get things fixed and rested up so you can meet any new threats.

Benford’s forces lift and concentrate on the the commander’s location. They seem to be holding and waiting out the storm.

You have been offered the Commando that Tom Jones created. He wants you to battle test it.

Turkey Shoot
After Action Report

.5km East of Port City, Lorel
Rimward, Periphery
11:00 Local Time, 14 May, 3026

UPDATE: You earned 96 WP in salvage

NOTE: Remember, you only get half salvage or ransom.

Also, ransom is very common in this age, and denial of ransom (including mech) is considered barbaric. If you want you can deny ransom, but the rules of engagement change when they know it is you. Only pirates are known to do that, only because they will be killed on sight anyways. So choose to avoid it at your peril.
Rooster had the group on the other side of the city from the Spaceport. He had two lances with a lance of tanks at the Spaceport. He also had a lance of mechs at his base.

Being on the other side of the city put the group in the perfect place to watch a company of mechs drop on the planet.

Mech Value (MV) = Tonnage X 10 in SP.

Salvage Target Number (STN) is the target number to increase or decrease salvage yield using tech skills.

Ransom Target Number (RTN) is the target number to increase or decrease salvage yield using negation/social skills.

Of the 12 that dropped 3 mechs didn’t even land. Well they landed, just in such a way that destroys them.

12 mechs dropped:

1.Atlas AS7-D – 100 tons – Destroyed – 2% MV can be salvaged – Pilot killed – STN 6
2.STK-3F Stalker – 85 tons – Destroyed – 1% MV can be salvaged – Pilot killed – STN 6
3.ZEU-6S Zeus – 80 tons – Destroyed – 1% MV can be salvaged – Pilot killed – STN 6
4.ON1-VA Orion – 75 tons – Destroyed – 1% MV can be salvaged – Pilot ejected – STN 6
•2nd Lance
1.BLR-1G Battlemaster – 85 tons – Destroyed – 1% MV can be salvaged – Pilot ejected – STN 6
2.ARC-2R Archer – 70 tons – 40%/35% MV can be ransomed/salvaged – Pilot surrendered – RTN 7/STN 8
3.WHM-6R Warhammer – 70 tons – 40%/35% MV can be ransomed/salvaged – Pilot surrendered – RTN 7/STN 8
4.RFL-3N Rifleman – 60 tons – 40%/45% MV can be ransomed/salvaged – Pilot surrendered – RTN 7/STN 9
•3rd Lance
1.OTL-4D Ostol – 60 tons – 35% MV can be salvaged – Pilot killed – Head missing – STN 9
2.CRD-3R Crusader – 65 tons – 40%/25% can be ransomed/salvaged – Pilot surrendered – RTN 7/STN 10
3.CPLT-C1 Catapult – Retreated
4.GOL-1H Goliath – 80 tons – 40%/30% can be ransomed/salvaged – Pilot ejected – RTN 7/STN 9

NOTES to explain above

  • Destroyed Salvage use STN. MoS/MoF can increment/decrement by 2% up to 12% bonus/negative. All rounded up. Once goes below 0, nothing can be salvaged.
  • Ransom – Use RTN and MoS/MoF adjusts 5 up to 15/5% bonus/negative (yes this means you can only go down 5%). All rounded up. If you choose to not ransom, there can be negative social repercussions. If you choose to keep the mech you can purchase it for 100% MV adjusted by STN and MoS/Mof with an adjustment of 5% bonus/negative no cap. If you salvage, use STN and it is exactly the same as the negotiation rolls.
Bringing the (Drop)Port to a Boil
  1. Calvert Dosani finds out about a man who is currently suffering from hypothermia and ranting about a structure he found in the mountains.
    • He is a farmer from the north.
    • He was tracking his herd of cattle for about three days.
    • He found a structure in the side of a mountain. Realizing he had found something odd, and also starting to suffer from the effects of cold, he started back.
    • He didn’t make it back and had to be rescued.
    • His name was Gustav Sinclair.
    • He remembered some letters on the structure – RWR-181.
  2. Hans McGruber ran in front of a Locust, he drew the Mech away from guarding Capt. Jason Creed’s Thunderbolt. Calvert Dosani then ran out and damaged the Thunderbolt.
  3. Jordan Graham is informed that a shipment is incoming for Tom Jones. He is asked to find out what is in that shipment. He found out the shipment is not going to be coming in for a few days.
  4. (Greg’s Character) rented a VTOL and the group started to search. Taking most of the day, they follow his tracks and find the location. After some initial searching they camp out the night. At first light they finally breach the main doors. Searching the facility they determine it was a training facility for Jump Infantry Mountaineering Exercises. The Rim Worlds Republican 181st were integral in taking of the SDS facility in Boulder, Colorado on the North American Continent during the Amaris Coup. The SLDF Forces that took over the facility when they held the planet. This unit was also training to take over the same SDS facility as they planned to retake Terra. Approximately 1000 C-Bills worth of SLDF memorabilia were found in the facility. Also they found 16 SLDF Jumppacks. They are approx. worth $12,000 C-Bills.
  5. The group sends out feelers to all their contacts to sell the Jumppacks.
  6. Governor Elenor Lane was a little upset at not winning the bidding. She started making the purchase of land by Jordan Graham difficult.
  7. The group make arrangements for the two shipments in the next dropship run.
  8. While watching the DropPort (Greg’s Character) notes some odd activity around the Dropship that holds the Jumppacks.
  9. Upon further investigation Arashi Minami finds two explosive devices that would have gone off as soon as the Dropship got high enough in the atmosphere. He removes the devices.
  10. Watching the container for Tom Jones they follow it to Wrench-It. It goes into the facility and then the container comes out. A deeper investigation into the empty container they find gun grease and wooden forms that would suggest 8 Machineguns and 1 Large Laser or PPC. There was enough MG ammo for several campaigns.
  11. An order for the UrbanMech Leg, MechWarrior Suits and a Stealth Suits was made. An 8 week order time was agreed upon.
  12. More information became available for James and Sam Benford.
  13. Hans McGruber has an Ammo Distributor contract available.

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