At the edge of formality

Work my way home
A few more systems to explore


And there are reports that there were “passengers” on the outside of the dropship. It seems that several “passengers” were aboard.

Just another day

March 3029

Now that the Fusion Power Plant is done the city is starting to build up. The water processing/reclamation plant started breaking ground. A sheriff starts to patrol the city and the seneschal begins to start setting up shop. A small office is set up for both persons and they start doing business. It seems that land rights and disputes are a very hot topic on the continet of Beal.

After Jordan Graham successfully negotiating a contract with Micheal Takinow-Kurita for the mechs and use of the mech facilities for 10 years.

10 Dispossed Kuritans show up and apply to work with the Birds of War. 5 leave immediately upon learning that the Birds of War do not intend to attack Steiners. After “interviewing”, there were 3 applicants left. One was a former Gunsho, and has leadership experience.

It is found that Treehouse Entertainment has portrayed you as lackeys of Rooster
who are vile creatures.

Yuri Yamamoto is quietly married to Sasha Minimu. This is a quite wedding, to make sure an heir can start to be made. The “big” wedding is going to be afterwards. Local media is all over the event.

Arashi Minami is married to Mako Juri. Very nice celebration. Local media is all over the event.

Homestead Act has been enacted on all continents, thus allowing common men to gain land to work and build upon.

Mountain Training Facility is currently up and running. First gains have been realized. A new anti-mech and jump infantry platoons have graduated.

Greg’s estate is built. It covers several acres and is more expensive than it needs to be.

Racial tensions are growing on Lorel. As more new people are incoming, the more problems you have.

The 3 month contract you accept turns bad. You win but you lose both the Jenner and the Dervish. One of your Kuritan disposed is killed in the battle

Yuri Yamamoto finds long lost family gardener Benji – Benjamin Samus and hires him.

For their help, Content Not Found: pc-Tyson buys a nice ornate rifle for Arashi Minami and several high end spirits for Yuri Yamamoto.

June 3029

Travel to Gibson.

  • You notice that there is new construction at the Terra’s Titan facilities.
August 3029

Arashi Minami starts searching for Jor Tonaldson. After a week Jor is found and eventually tracked back to an apartment. Sure that Jor had seen him, Arashi Minami heads into the apartment to confront him. After a tense talk with Jor, an arrangement is made and both operatives part way.

Content Not Found: pc-Tyson starts investigating the attacks by Steiners against the planet of Gibson. He is able to talk with several veterans about the attacks and he gets an earful of the atrocities that the Steiners did to the population of Gibson. Investigating Comstar Refugee Camp call rolls he narrows the possible people who had the first name of Ezekiel, it narrows down to 7 possible people.

Jordan Graham successfully negotiates/bribes a deal for purchasing 5 mechs and one artillery piece to be shipped to Lorel as “Farming Equipment”. Upon receipt of the items, there are several whole threshers included to hide the military equipment.

2 new technicians are hired to work for the Birds of War.

January 3030

While you were away, deserters from Kurita, landed and attacked farms on Lorel. They stole food, and left when any force pursued them.

2 more recruits with military experience show up to be a part of the Birds of War as infantry.

6 green mechwarrior recruits show up as well.

All Commandos that Tech Tom Jones has built have been sold.

All mechs are operational and working.

Tech Jacob Karith showed up 1st of December.

150 XP given.

Starting: 1000 WP

+300 WP for Contract
+150 WP for Contract
+50 WP for Contract
-211 WP for Water Plant
-105 WP for Pill Factory
-106 WP for College
-1 WP for Administration Bldg
-16 WP for 2 Commandos
-66 WP for Crusader,Wolverine,Phoenix Hawk
- 95 WP for 4 x Spiders, Stalker, and a Long Tom

Ending: 900 WP

Lost and Found (the hard way)
Where did you find that Jumpship?


After drumming the p irates, you pack up your salvage and Rooster’s stuff and boost of this nightmare of a planet.

Your transport, also known as Dropship captain, informs you that the pirates have inadvertently destroyed your Jumpship home. Now you have to take the pirates Jumpship so you can get home and don’t get left here to rot. So now is the time you make up with your deity of choice and pray.

Event Total Note
Past 1596 WP
Current Track 0 WP
Maintenance Mechs for 12 months -60 WP
Build Fusion Plant (2 Months) -296 WP
New Total ? WP
Bait for a trap

While you are out there baiting the pirates please pick up milk, bread and some Pirate treasure.


Barren World, Unknown
1st December, 3028 – 18th December, 3028

You have set the trap, set the area. All that is left is for them to take the bait and attack.


Place three BT mapsheets side by side with the long axis being the side. The defender gets to choose all terrain.

Attacker: Unknown. The Attacker is Unknown in skill.

Defender: The Defender consists of the player’s BattleMech force. Player force chooses size.

Track Cost: 450 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative, choose logical bonuses)

*Acidic atmosphere (200 WP) – Every 2 turns roll 1d6 per mech and apply each point of damage on a random location. Pilot will last 4 full rounds in this environment, no exceptions.

*High wind (50 per point) – High wind. For every 50 points add 1 to the TN of all missile fire.

Deep Snow (75 points) – 1 extra heat bled off. 1 extra MP per hex. All jumps release steam at the end and add +1 to be hit, +1 to hit. 1 extra to hit with all weapons (jumping stacks so a +2). Pilots take 1 damage after 5 turns outside their vehicles.

Volcanic (100 points) – 3 extra heat for all mechs. Every hex, on a roll of 8 the mech’s feet are hit with hot magma, 2 points of damage per leg. Ash causes problems with targeting, it takes a sensor ops roll TN 9 every round to be able to target a mech. Pilots take 1 damage for every two turns out of their vehicle.

Mud (50 points) – 1A extra MP per hex accept jumping.

*Flash flood (300 pts) – Starting on turn one on a roll of 12 will cause a flood that will cover all map sheets. It will travel one sheet at a time. Random where it will start (d2) and it will cover one sheet a round. When hit with water, pilot needs to make a piloting check at TN 12. If fail the check, the mech will move 1d6 + MoF hexes the (d3) direction the water is moving. The mech will take damage equal to falling damage for the hexes moved / 2, intervening terrain may cause more damage. Every round after the roll will decrease by 3. For example, on the 2nd round the roll will be 6 or higher. Infantry and pilots caught outside their vehicle will have to make a survival roll at 16 to find a place to hide. If they know it is coming they can make 2 rolls at 12 to survive else they are killed.

*Electromagnetic Interference (100 WP per point) For every point bought it is +1 harder to hit a target. No radio contact is available.

Space Darkness (150 WP) +4 to hit all targets.

*Obscured vision (300 WP) – Either fog or smoke. Visibility is 4 hexes. No targets are visible outside of that.

Mines (-100 WP) – (-100 WP more if Acidic Environment) 5 hexes of 15 pt minefield.

*Rescue vehicle (-50 WP) You can bring a vehicle to recover anyone facing the elements.

OBJECTIVES (Rewards do not stack)

450 WP – Destroy/cripple half of attacking force.

700 WP – Destroy/cripple all attacking force OR reduce all mech’s speeds to less than 3 hexes per turn and force them to leave another edge.


Banking Initiative: Both sides can bank initiative.

Salvage: Due to the nature of the contract, the Defender may take 100% of salvage/ransom of any units left upon the field if they win one of the conditions and are not forced to retreat.

Hidden Units: Either side may use hidden units.

Off board movement: Either side may use off board movement.


You won. Cost you dearly, but not that dear. You can repair it all.

Possible Salvage
  1. PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk – 50%
  2. WVR-6R Wolverine – 60%
  3. MAD-6L Marauder – 12%
  4. WHM-6D Warhammer – 14%
  5. ARC-2K Archer – 2%
  6. MAD-3M Marauder – 1%
  7. HBK-4G Hunchback – 1%
  8. CRD-3L Crusader – 45%
Retreated Mechs
  1. SHD-2H Shadow Hawk
  2. JR7-D Jenner
  3. JR7-D Jenner
  4. BLR-1D Battlemaster
Event Total Note
Past 549 WP
Current Track -450 WP
Atmospherics 900 WP
Win Scenario 700 WP
Maintenance Mechs -5 WP
Build Fusion Plant (2 Months) -98 WP
New Total 1596WP
Delivery by the Birds of War

But before

A civilian dropship and jumpship come into system and send a distress signal. Seems pirates killed and raped their way thru the ship. The ship was lucky to get away. The few survivors were tended by Lorel.

Birds of War

  1. Swallow – Arashi Minami
  2. Seagull – Yuri Yamamoto
  3. Pelican – Hans McGruber
  4. Turkey – Calvert Dosani
  5. Peacock – Kelly McGillis
  6. Pigeon – Jordan Graham

Delivery then…

So two deliveries are needed, one going to Clinton in Stiener space, and the other to Luthien, the captial of the Draconis Combine.

So the group decides to split up and the Drac’s decide to head to Luthien, while the Strudell heads go to Clinton. After 2-3 months each reach their destination.


Once getting planet-side on Luthien, the mobility of nobility on Luthien allows you to see the best parts of Luthien. The manicured lawns and gardens are centuries old and some of the best in the Inner Sphere. The tenders of the garden have a level of pride that many never feel.

Being able to visit family and be around them has both Arashi Minami and Yuri Yamamoto of them feeling refreshed. Getting ready for a visit to the Celestial Palace, takes time and resources.

After their visit to the Palace, advertising started in earnest for the new resort on Lorel. Also a new designed mech showed up on Lorel.

more to come…


Tech Tom Jones hired the group to deliver some items to Cranston Snord on Clinton.

more to come…

So ends 11 months in Oct 3027.

Other news

  • The infantry training facility in the mountains is finished and opened for training.

100 XP

Event Total Note
Past 882 WP
Current Track 0 WP
Past Track Salvage 88 WP Rounded up
Delivery 100 WP
Arena Gantries -70 WP
Maintenance Mechs -5 WP
Purchase Charger -22 WP Rounded down
Purchase Stinger -6 WP Rounded up
Purchase Valkryie -9 WP Rounded up
Fix and refit new mechs -5 WP
Purchase Atlas -55 WP
Arena (Gantries Finished) -151 WP
Delivery Fee for Fusion Plant -24 WP
Purchase 5 Mechs -96 WP
New Total 615 WP
6 Month Advance

We will be advancing the timeline 6 months. Here are some highlights of things that have happened during the six months.

  • Engineering Inc. opens an office on Lorel and is working constantly.
  • Engineering Inc. has just finished rebuilding the two apartments that were destroyed last game.
  • The new salvage truck and crane were delivered to Lorel.
  • A site is picked and Engineering Inc. has broken ground on the Small Arms Factory. For now it is being called Smalls Warehouse Project, in an effort to reduce knowledge and future attacks against it.
  • Local news has run several stories about all 6 of you and your backgrounds. They are all into your business. It has slowed in the last month or so.
  • Snake takes over command of the Visigoths.
  • The shed over the entrance to the Arena is finished and fully furnished. Business in light spurts is being done. Traffic in and out of the shed is normal and no one suspects anything.
  • Three farmboys show up due to the press coverage you are getting and want to sign up. They each cost 1 SP and they are beyond green (2 Gun, 2 Pilot, 2 Sensor).
  • Kelly McGillis is advancing well and over the six months he improves. He would now be considered regular.
  • News of a very infectious computer virus is surfacing. Comstar is looking into the virus and ways to deal with it. They will be consulting with Terra.
  • With the Stieners leaving, all curfews and lockdowns are lifted.
Decisions you have to make:

Order a AS7-D ATLAS. Cost: 48 WP TN 20 (Negotiation) +/- 1% up to 10% per MoF/MoS.

Commando Combat Report

To: Tom Jones
From: Arashi Minami
Subject: Prototype Commando Combat Report


When I first took the mech out for a test run and I ran it through its paces it seemed a little sluggish. It had decent speed when it got moving, but the controls were a bit sticky and it took some time to warm up. Due to the small size, I was concerned about damage from heavier weapons. The heavy laser, similar to my favorite, the Harmon Large, which is standard on the Phoenix Hawk, performed reliably. The weapon system had an effective punch during the initial tests.

The true test came during the defense of Helene, Lorel’s smaller moon. We were in a defensive position and not able to move far afield. I was worried about the mech’s survivability, so settled on a support fire and flanking role on the battlefield. The moon has light gravity, and this allowed all units to move very quickly. This additional speed contributed to my ability to stay in the fight. The enemy targeting computers had a hard time getting lock as the Commando ran from cover to cover. When the enemy did manage to connect, the damage was substantial as is evidenced by the loss of the left arm and infrastructure burns to the right leg. The laser was also disabled by a light barrage in the last few moments of conflict.

As a fire support mech, this mech performed quite well. Prior to being shut down, the heavy laser did significant damage at most ranges. The additional speed of the mech allowed for strategic combat positioning and good damage to the rear panels of a couple of enemy mechs. At close range, the weapon was able to shut down the combat systems of larger mechs, including a Vindicator and an Ostroc.

A synopsis of the high and low points are as follows:


  • The heavy laser is a solid reliable weapon.
  • The above average speed of the mech allowed for some safety and good positioning.
  • The Commando frame is well tested design with few bugs.


  • The light armor is a danger in heavy or sustained fighting.
  • The single weapon system leaves the mech useless if it is disabled.


  • Increase speed and/or armor.
  • Add a secondary weapon system.

Overall, the mech should perform admirably in scouting, light combat, and fire support missions.

Arashi Minami
1st Lorel Irregulars

After action report

Crater, Primary Moon of Lorel
19 May, 3026

Why the hell do we need to go to this moon? Why? What the hell is on this frigging rock that is worth anything?

Rooster is busy with the main force of pirates on Lorel. He has asked you to take care of a pirate force on the moon. He was frantic that you get up there and defend… whatever is up there.

Rooster lends you a Union Dropship to get there quickly. You load up 6 mechs and hope for the best.

As you landed on the moon you see what looks to be a structure off in the distance. You can see some dust being stirred up in the distance, that must be the pirates. They seem to be looking for this structure. You can tell by the way the dust is moving that they have a bead on the structure.

Well I guess it is time for you to get to work on this airless moon.


Place two random (no city) CBT mapsheets end-to-end. A building will be marked as the building with a huge mech door on it. This building will be within 6 hexes of the defender’s edge. It is a large mech door that leads into a mountain on the moon. The door cannot be fired on from farther than 12 hexes away. It has 30 HP, if it takes more than that much damage, the door is open enough for a Mech to go thru for 3 MP. The infantry can move thru the door for 2 MP, not jumping. They are equipped for forced entry.

Attacker: The Attacking force consists of 100% of the defenders forces. Accompanying them are 3 platoons of zero gravity jump infantry (10pt attack on MG ranges; MP 3/5(jumping)). They start on one edge. Attackers are all veteran rank.

Defender: The defenders force consists of up to 6 of the player’s BattleMech force. The Defender deploys within two hexes of the east edge of the maps.

Track Cost: 250 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative)

They have what? (+100 WP): The attacker has 150% of the defender.

Jumping beans (+100 WP): The attacker has a total of 6 zero gravity jump infantry. (Added)

Showers? In a vacuum? (+50 WP): The rare meteor shower is going on at the time. (Added)

OBJECTIVES (All WP Rewards Cumulative)

Foiled by a locked door (250 WP) The door is not “blown” open. (Success)

I hate infantry (150 WP): The infantry cannot get thru the door. (Success)


Near Vacuum: Whenever a section is hit, on a result of 12, all the components in that section are non functional. When all the armor is stripped from the section, the components are considered non functioning. Damage works the same way. No ammo explosions occur when they are rendered non functional.

Half G: Rules apply. Increased speed is available, but there is damage.

Salvage: The players get 100% of salvage if both win conditions are met. (Met)

Mech Tons Salvage % STN Pilot Final % Total SP
Ostroc 60 65% 7 Killed 66% 396
Vindicator 45 75% 7 Captured 80% 360
Dragon 60 65% 7 Tried and executed 68% 408
Panther (PNT-9R) 35 45% 7 Captured 49% 171.5
Rifleman (RFL-3C) 60 80% 7 Captured 84% 504
Hermes-II (HER-2S) 40 85% 7 Captured 86% 344
Blackjack 45 0% - Retreated
  • STN (Salvage Target Name) MoS/MoF adds 1% per up to 5%.

You defended the old mining facility and you have even had time to investigate it before jetting for home. After securing the prisoners and the salvage, you jet for home hoping to help out in other areas. Losing the Zeus was not on the agenda, but some of the larger pieces made it back to be put into another mech.

While you were away, it seems the Steiners decided to step in and save the “workers” from the resort. They didn’t even ask for anything, just up and left after they were done. That pilot in the Spider was a piece of work. She was all over the battle field, never giving anyone a chance to hit her. She did all kind of things with her mech that most thought impossible. Most of the units are happy they didn’t have to fight her.

Captn Jack successfully captures the water facility. Seems that two apartments with a couple hundred civilians present got destroyed, killing all inside. With the fire fight going on, the emergency response was hindered, costing more lives.

The ringleader of the attack was Marcos Kink, and he was executed by Jordan Graham. It has hit all the news channels and is being highlighted in many otherworld feeds. Local heroes done good. Seems this kind of stuff really reverberates with people.

After all this clears and the Stieners get done apologizing they gave us a week. Rooster took the time to talk to Benford. They agreed to do lance on lance competition. One Stiener pilot was killed, and a couple of the mechs were destroyed. Rooster won. Benford leaves amicably, leaving a brand new Griffin.

Rooster is feeling generous and awards the Irregulars 100 sq miles of territory to be distributed as Jordan Graham sees fit.

Tom Jones is very happy with his Commando’s performance. He is using the battle ROM’s for a very inspirational advertisement.

A Salvage Truck and Crane have been ordered for 5 WP. It will be delivered in three shipments.

Contractor (son of Harrimen Armorments owner) is bothersome and suggesting to buying land near the space port.

150 XP.

Event Total Note
Past 500 WP
Current Track 300 WP
Past Track Salvage 96 WP Rounded up
Salvage Truck & Crane -5 WP
Repair & Reload Mechs -5 WP
Repair & Reload Mechs -4 WP Last game
New Total 882 WP

Updates to:

Turkey Shoot (Salvage Added)


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