At the edge of formality

Bringing the (Drop)Port to a Boil
  1. Calvert Dosani finds out about a man who is currently suffering from hypothermia and ranting about a structure he found in the mountains.
    • He is a farmer from the north.
    • He was tracking his herd of cattle for about three days.
    • He found a structure in the side of a mountain. Realizing he had found something odd, and also starting to suffer from the effects of cold, he started back.
    • He didn’t make it back and had to be rescued.
    • His name was Gustav Sinclair.
    • He remembered some letters on the structure – RWR-181.
  2. Hans McGruber ran in front of a Locust, he drew the Mech away from guarding Capt. Jason Creed’s Thunderbolt. Calvert Dosani then ran out and damaged the Thunderbolt.
  3. Jordan Graham is informed that a shipment is incoming for Tom Jones. He is asked to find out what is in that shipment. He found out the shipment is not going to be coming in for a few days.
  4. (Greg’s Character) rented a VTOL and the group started to search. Taking most of the day, they follow his tracks and find the location. After some initial searching they camp out the night. At first light they finally breach the main doors. Searching the facility they determine it was a training facility for Jump Infantry Mountaineering Exercises. The Rim Worlds Republican 181st were integral in taking of the SDS facility in Boulder, Colorado on the North American Continent during the Amaris Coup. The SLDF Forces that took over the facility when they held the planet. This unit was also training to take over the same SDS facility as they planned to retake Terra. Approximately 1000 C-Bills worth of SLDF memorabilia were found in the facility. Also they found 16 SLDF Jumppacks. They are approx. worth $12,000 C-Bills.
  5. The group sends out feelers to all their contacts to sell the Jumppacks.
  6. Governor Elenor Lane was a little upset at not winning the bidding. She started making the purchase of land by Jordan Graham difficult.
  7. The group make arrangements for the two shipments in the next dropship run.
  8. While watching the DropPort (Greg’s Character) notes some odd activity around the Dropship that holds the Jumppacks.
  9. Upon further investigation Arashi Minami finds two explosive devices that would have gone off as soon as the Dropship got high enough in the atmosphere. He removes the devices.
  10. Watching the container for Tom Jones they follow it to Wrench-It. It goes into the facility and then the container comes out. A deeper investigation into the empty container they find gun grease and wooden forms that would suggest 8 Machineguns and 1 Large Laser or PPC. There was enough MG ammo for several campaigns.
  11. An order for the UrbanMech Leg, MechWarrior Suits and a Stealth Suits was made. An 8 week order time was agreed upon.
  12. More information became available for James and Sam Benford.
  13. Hans McGruber has an Ammo Distributor contract available.

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