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  • Tech Tom Jones

    Tom is one of the best Technicians on planet. He owns and operates [[Wrench-It]], the best fix it outfit on planet hands down. He is from somewhere in Steiner territory, yet doesn't talk about his past until he is really drunk--. He can fix almost …

  • Capt'n Jack - Sinclair Redjack [Commander]

    Three tours of duty during the 3rd Succession War on the Marik border is enough for any man. Especially if you are a ground pounder. He survived three six year tours of duty in some of the worst fighting House Steiner had to fight. About 3018 he decided …

  • Jordan Graham

    Money, Money, Money, That all that really matters to Jordan; born into money, then set off to train to bring money and fame to his family. While of learning about money Jordan found his calling he can lead, and lead he does for the man with the plan is …

  • Samuel Benford [Colonel]

    Brother of [[:npc-general-james-benford]]. His father is a member of the [[Estates General]]. He was never his father's favorite child. His brother James was, so his father took his brother's loss very hard.

  • James Benford [General] (Deceased)

    In a effort to defend a planet that held one of his summer homes, he ordered his company of 'Mechs to hold against a battalion of determined Free World Leaguers. Lifting off planet first, he tried to direct his men from the safety of orbit. His second …

  • Uncle Mac

    * Uncle Mac has informed you about the people who were killed by the [[:npc-ghoul]]. They were all from the same unit that attacked the planet Gibson. Some of the records referring to what happened on Gibson, are locked and marked eyes only.

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