Planet Lorel

A temperate world that has a varied past. The planet was originally settled in 2386 by several factions of Terra. The first settlers found a very nice and comfortable world on two of the four continents of this world. They first settled continent was called Horn after one of the founding families. It was perfect for agriculture and that was the first thing the settlers started working on. The only other temperate continent was settled over the next two decades, it was called Grendal after another founding family. The other two continents were called Beal and Harted after the jumpships that brought the initial settlers. They hosted several small outposts and mining operations to harvest minerals and other items that were found.

Lorel started to prosper as trade and the galaxy started to increase. The next 400 or so years saw a steady growth rate for the economy. One thing that helped with this booming ecomony was a tree called Loreless, obviously named after the planet. The tree is a hybrid of the rare Terran Redwood and a local hardwood named the Holden Oak. The Holden Oak is known for two qualities, its extreme strength (many scientists compare it to the iron woods of Terra), its extremely fast growth. That coupled with the Redwood give strength and fast growth and some of the best wood grains in known space. Loreless has not been able to grow anywhere else. Since it grows fast, it can be harvested in a few years, instead of waiting for centuries like normal Redwood. This lent itself to many different industries, mostly around carpentry or furniture making. It is rumored that several Kuritan Cooridinators used a Loreless desk for about 200 years before the Star League was formed. The other rumor is that when Kurita signed into the Star League, he was using a Loreless wood covered pen.

Things only got better when the Star League formed. Kurita claimed the planet when the Reunification Wars kicked off. Lorel did not fight it, most of the population didn’t even know the difference. There were a few incidents of protest, but nothing violent. Trade florished, facilities got built and even a small SLDF staging spaceport was built.

When the Amaris coup started the SLDF used Lorel as a larger staging area in an effort to keep help with the Rim Worlds Republic and to keep an eye on Steiner and Kurita. Since there was no fighting going on around them they were also used as a R&R recouperation area. Several living quarters were built in areas that have now been turned into hotels, testament to SLDF engineers, all still stand to current day, at least all that were not destroyed thru violence.

After the Star League was destroyed, Lorel started to fall on bad times. Luckily they avoided most of the terror and destruction of the 1st and 2nd Succession Wars. A few raids by House Steiner were all they had to endour. Right before the 3rd Succession War, Kurita, drained with their fights on two fronts decided to reliquish control of Lorel. House Steiner had only been interested in them due being owned by House Kurita. They were left to their own devices. With wars raging around the Inner Sphere, demand for high quality wood was dimishing. Some ancient groves had been destroyed, even further damaging the wood trade. Pirates had taken to raiding occasionally when the DCMS was there, but now with no protection they started to take roost, due to the close proximity to both Houses.

The pirate bands that settled here eventually over several decades “consolidated” into one loose band. They field almost a battalion of BattleMechs and are pretty organized. They have their own Dropship and Aerospace support. They can be a force to be reckoned with if they decide to push things. They raid about 3 or 4 times a year and for the last generation they have left most of Lorel alone, as long as they pay their “tribute”. Knowing that the locals cannot pay “tribute” if there is no trade, they started to protect trading routes into and out of the system. They of course have toll fees that need addressing, but all that is part of doing business in Lorel.

The locals have been able to procure several companies of various tanks and combat vehicles with vetran troops to man them. The locals are not poor, nor are they rich by any means. As long as they pay the “tribute” they are left alone. Recently (30-40 years) Lorel has become a vacation spot for Kuritan nobility. They come and frolic and have a good time. Since a pirate band runs the world in everything but name, several indulgences have been overlooked. A small slave trade had cropped up, and most of them are pleasure slaves. Drugs and prostitution are big time industries in these resorts. Money flows thru these places and they can afford to higher some of the best muscle in the Periphery. Occasionally they even hire the pirate overlords for wetwork. Many a deal have been made poolside in these elite resorts. Some of those deals even affect political figures in the Inner Sphere.

Tech: C
Industrial Sophistication: B
Raw Material: B
Industrial Output: B
Agriculture: C

Power Players

  1. General Franco “Rooster” Deleno
  2. Governor Elenor Lane
  3. Micheal Takinow-Kurita
  4. Tech Tom Jones
  5. Precentor Drake Harrison
  6. Commander Sinclair Redjack “Captn Jack”


  1. Takinow Industries
  2. Wrench-It


  1. Duke – General Franco “Rooster” Deleno
  2. Duchess – Governor Elenor Lane
  3. Treasurer – Micheal Takinow-Kurita
  4. Military Liason – Snake
  5. Local Militia & Port Police – Commander Sinclair Redjack “Captn Jack”
  6. Landholder – General Franco “Rooster” Deleno
  7. Landholder – Governor Elenor Lane
  8. Landholder – Micheal Takinow-Kurita
  9. Landholder – Jordan Graham
  10. Marquis – Micheal Takinow-Kurita
  11. Baron – Jordan Graham
  12. Knight Bannerette – Yuri Yamamoto
  13. Knight Bachelor – Arashi Minami
  14. Knight Bachelor – Hans McGruber
  15. Knight Bachelor – Calvert Dosani
  16. Comstar Precentor – Precentor Drake Harrison
  17. Councilor – Open
  18. General – Open
  19. Diplomat – Open
  20. Education – Open
  21. Judge (Criminal) – Open
  22. Judge (Civil) – Open
  23. Communications & Tourism – Open
  24. Religion Sensitivity – Open

Planet Lorel

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