Takinow Contract

Length of Contract

Jan. 1 3029 to Dec. 31 3039 – [Option to extend]


Micheal Takinow-Kurita


Birds of War will hold in reserve 1 lance and defend Takinow’s property from all attackers.

Birds of War will get use of the maintenance facilities for length of contract. No cost.

Birds of War will own all mechs held by Takinow upon signing of contract.

Special Terms

Contract can be extended if both parties agree. If both parties agree, Takinow can pay 100 WP per year to extend this contract.

Birds of War will own all salvage of enemy mechs. If property is owned by any entity deemed protector, then BoW will not be entitled to salvage.

BoW are responsible for their own maintenance.

Takinow Contract

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