Deep Periphery

Records show 11 systems with possibilities of salvage.

You have broken their coding. First is the general location – RWR-DP meaning Rim World Republic Deep Periphery assets. The next three numbers represent it location in response to “known” world borders. The higher number, the farther away from “known” space.

The next number is the planet location of anomaly or survey. 1-9 designates the planet location. A designates asteroid belt or grouping.

The next designation is planetary type. TL = Terra Like, O – Ocean, T – Toxic, US – Unstable Star, A – Asteriod Belt. UK – Unknown.

The last 2 numbers are representative of the charge times of the planets. The higher the longer it takes to recharge. [NOTE: This is based on records provided by an SLDF scout warship. They speak of making jumps in times that are impossible today, so take all data as suspect.]

  1. RWR-DP 132-9-TL-87 – Explored – The Protector is here
  2. RWR-DP 149-4,5-TL-05 – Explored – Hunter’s Paradise
  3. RWR-DP 909-A-A-B2 – Explored – Found Fortress Dropship and Mechs
  4. RWR-DP 132-UK-37 – Explored – Nothing found – Parasites
  5. RWR-DP 345-9-TL-48 – Explored – Tribute
  6. RWR-DP 941-4-US-A8 – Explored – Nothing found
  1. RWR-DP 985-1-O-19 – Explored – Kelp World
  2. RWR-DP 241-9-T-33 – Explored – 3 Warlords and tanks
  3. RWR-DP 746-4-UK-65 – Explored – Project Gargoyle
  4. RWR-DP 678-18-TL-30 – Explored – Infected planet
  5. RWR-DP 602-6-UK-41 – Explored – War Planet

Things to note: These records are at least 300 years old. They were not able to look into all anomalies, they just could note the issue and move on. They did not have time to look into all leads, nor did they have any weapons to defend themselves, so any sign of problems they leave.

Deep Periphery

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