Find the Enemy


150km West of Port City, Lorel
18:30 Local Time, ? May, 3026

The Stieners have dropped into three different areas, several kilometers away from the Port City and seem to have setup camp. Rooster has found a small scouting force moving thru the plains and needs to identify the force composition. He doesn’t want them heavily engaged, he just needs an idea what and who you are dealing with. Since they are moving at night, someone came up with the great idea of doing a pass by and using sensors to id them. One of the Visigoths remarked it will be a hairy expedition, and it seems that you’ll be getting the chance to find out how hairy. As you are settling in to plan this cluster, Rooster pipes up “If you are going to get to them in time, you are going to have to leave now. Mount up if you are going!”. So half cocked it is…
Place three random CBT mapsheets end-to-end with the long axis being east-west. Attacker: The Attacker consists of 250% of the player’s deployed forces (do not use the Force Size Modifier if using BV2 to balance the forces). The Attacker deploys within four hexes of the east edge of the maps. The Attacker is Regular in skill. Defender: The Defender consists of up to a lance of the player’s BattleMech force. It is recommended that the player use his or her fastest designs. The Defender deploys in the center mapsheet.
Track Cost: 75 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative)
What Happened to the Bluesmobile? (+100 WP): The Defender deployed his or her force in the wrong order when they landed. None of the Defender’s ’Mechs may have a walking speed of more than 5 MP. Can’t Outrun a Motorola (+100 WP): The Attacker may split his or her forces and have up to 25% of them deploy after Turn 4 within 4 hexes of the west edge of the maps. …It’s Dark Out, and We’re Wearing Sunglasses… (-75 WP): The Moonless Night weather condition (see pg. 58, Tactical Operations) is in effect. Good Ole’ Boys (-75 WP): None of the Attacker’s units may have a walking or cruising speed of more than 5 MP. Oh, We’ve Got BOTH Kinds, Country AND Western! (-50 WP): The Electromagnetic Interference condition (see pg. 55, Tactical Operations) is in effect. In addition, this increases the sensor return time (see below, in Objectives, for more information) by 2 rounds.
OBJECTIVES (All WP Rewards Cumulative)
Who is Kaiser Sose? (50 WP): One unit of the Defender must scan an Attacker unit. To do this, the Defender must maintain a constant LOS to an Attacker unit within 6 hexes for 3 rounds (or 5, if the Oh, We’ve Got BOTH Kinds—Country AND Western! bonus is in effect). His Name is Robert Paulson (50 WP): Disable and capture an Attacker. This is accomplished by disabling a ’Mech or vehicle and then standing either next to it [if the pilot has not ejected] or the ejection seat [if the pilot has] for one round. What do You Have Against Terry Benedict? (25 WP): The Defender must get all of his or her units out over the west edge of the maps without disabling damage or destruction.

Forced Withdrawl: The Forced Withdrawl rules are in effect. The Defender must withdraw through the west edge of the maps. The Attacker must withdraw through the east edge of the maps.
p. Salvage: Due to the nature of the contract, the Defender may take 50% of salvage/ransom of any units left upon the field.


Gorramned Sausage eaters, they will pay for attacking us…

Find the Enemy

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