Crater, Primary Moon of Lorel
23:28 Local Time, ? May, 3026

Why the hell do we need to go to this moon? Why? What the hell is on this frigging rock that is worth anything?

Rooster is busy with the main force of pirates on Lorel. He has asked you to take care of a pirate force on the moon. He was frantic that you get up there and defend… whatever is up there.

Rooster lends you a Union Dropship to get there quickly. You load up 6 mechs and hope for the best.

As you landed on the moon you see what looks to be a structure off in the distance. You can see some dust being stirred up in the distance, that must be the pirates. They seem to be looking for this structure. You can tell by the way the dust is moving that they have a bead on the structure.

Well I guess it is time for you to get to work on this airless moon.


Place two random (no city) CBT mapsheets end-to-end. A building will be marked as the building with a huge mech door on it. This building will be within 6 hexes of the defender’s edge. It is a large mech door that leads into a mountain on the moon. The door cannot be fired on from farther than 12 hexes away. It has 30 HP, if it takes more than that much damage, the door is open enough for a Mech to go thru for 3 MP. The infantry can move thru the door for 2 MP, not jumping. They are equipped for forced entry.

Attacker: The Attacking force consists of 100% of the defenders forces. Accompanying them are 3 platoons of zero gravity jump infantry (10pt attack on MG ranges; MP 3/5(jumping)). They start on one edge. Attackers are all veteran rank.

Defender: The defenders force consists of up to 6 of the player’s BattleMech force. The Defender deploys within two hexes of the east edge of the maps.

Track Cost: 250 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative)

They have what? (+100 WP): The attacker has 150% of the defender.

Jumping beans (+100 WP): The attacker has a total of 6 zero gravity jump infantry.

Showers? In a vacuum? (+50 WP): The rare meteor shower is going on at the time.

OBJECTIVES (All WP Rewards Cumulative)

Foiled by a locked door (250 WP) The door is not “blown” open.

I hate infantry (150 WP): The infantry cannot get thru the door.


Near Vacuum: Whenever a section is hit, on a result of 12, all the components in that section are non functional. When all the armor is stripped from the section, the components are considered non functioning. Damage works the same way. No ammo explosions occur when they are rendered non functional.

Half G: Rules apply. Increased speed is available, but there is damage.

Salvage: The players get 100% of salvage if both win conditions are met.


If not taken, Rooster will defend the moon.


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