Pirates at the gates


Resort, Lorel
13:00 Local Time, ? May, 3026

Why is the moon so damn important? It is just a big friggin rock up there, isn’t it?

Rooster is busy with the moon, so it is up to you to protect the resort.

So it seems that Rooster’s boys are not as tactically sound as he is. They set up incorrectly and were unable to intercept the pirates. They were repulsed when they tried to stop the situation.

The initial reports are that the pirates are gathering the workers, you know the “workers”. The guards are doing the best they can, but they have not been able to repulse them effectively.

So it up to you to stop them from carting off the “workers”. Great…


Place two random CBT mapsheets end-to-end. 3 buildings no more than 2 hexes apart within 5 hexes of the defender’s edge represent the resort.

Attacker: The Attacking force consists of up to 6 of the player’s BattleMech force.
Accompanying them are 5 APC’s. They will be there for 2 rounds, starting on the 3rd round they start moving away from the resort. They have to exit the attackers map edge.

Defender: The defenders force consists of up to 100% of the attacker’s forces. The Defender deploys within two hexes of the resort.

Track Cost: 200 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative)

They have what? (+100 WP): The defender has 150% of the attacking force.

Fast wheels (+100 WP): The APC can start on round 1.

OBJECTIVES (All WP Rewards Cumulative)

The wheels of the APC go round and round (350 WP) The APC’s are all crippled and not allowed to leave.

It that the forearm? (-50 WP): For every APC destroyed instead of crippled.

Where did they go? (-70 WP): For every APC that gets away


Forced Withdrawl: The Forced Withdrawl rules are in effect. The Defender must withdraw through the west edge of the maps. The Attacker must withdraw through the east edge of the maps.

Salvage: Due to the nature of the contract, the Defender may take 75% of salvage/ransom of any units left upon the field.


If not taken, Rooster will defend the resort.

Pirates at the gates

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