Rats in the pantry


Downtown Port City, Lorel
13:15 Local Time, ? May, 3026

Seems there were some rats in the pantry, or Stieners in waiting. All depends on your perspective of the insurgents. Seems that no one told the “special” forces that the pirates are a more important problem.

Rooster is busy with the pirates, so he has asked you guys to deal with this problem. Seems that a large group of infantry have captured a water reclamation building downtown with hostages. They are threatening to blow it up and kill all the hostages if the government doesn’t stand down and allow the Stiener force into the city. Seems these guys came prepared and took over several of the tanks that the government recently brought in. There was a firefight at the military post and several local militia were killed.

Even some super loyal locals are getting into the fight with several technicals are roaming the streets.

Capt’n Jack and a small force are positioned in the sewers, waiting to attack and save the hostages. They need a diversion, so you are up. Go in, kill the tanks and technicals, save the day kind of stuff. Now, since you are downtown, and most people couldn’t evacuate, so be careful. Any damage to the buildings kills civilians.

Capt’n Jack needs a few minutes distraction so he can get into final position to execute these guys.

The last thing you heard from the terrorists is “MK kills! bam!”.


Place one random CBT mapsheets end-to-end next to a city map determined by GM. A building will be marked as the building hosting the hostages.

Attacker: The Attacker consists of up to 6 of the player’s BattleMech force. The Attacker deploys within four hexes of the east edge of the maps.

Defender: The Defender consists of 4 tanks from the militia’s tanks. Also there are 3 “technicals”, or local vehicles mounting mech grade weapons. There are also 4 infantry platoons, one of which is hidden in the city, not including the platoon holding civilian hostages. All defenders are located on the city mapsheet.

Track Cost: 120 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative)

They are dug in like ticks (+100 WP): The defender has prepared positions, and 2 tanks will be hidden on the mapsheet.

You are MINE (+100 WP): The defender has 2 Vibrobomb mines that are hidden at the start of the game.

They don’t build them like that (-100) All buildings take 10% less damage.

OBJECTIVES (All WP Rewards Cumulative)

Kit gloves (70 WP) No buildings sustain more than 75% damage.

Engage the big one (100 WP): After turn 5, you have to keep vehicles and infantry away from the water treatment plant for 15 turns. If anyone reaches the building, the next turn they cannot fire and at the end of the turn the building blows up.

Drive them before me (+10/50 WP): Per tank destroyed/captured

Drive them doggies (10/20 WP): Per technical destroyed/captured


Forced Withdrawl: The Forced Withdrawl rules are in effect. The Defender must withdraw through the non adjoining edge of the city map. The Attacker must withdraw through the edge of the map they came from.

Salvage: Due to the nature of the defender, no salvage is available.


Rats in the pantry

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