Save the Pigs Bacon

After action report

Save the pig bacon


10km East of Port City, Lorel
05:30 Local Time, ? May, 3026

Who would have thought a paid contractor would have been that gun ho to drop into a hot zone to get business. Uncle Mac must have paid very well, or this guy is very hungry. Either way he dropped about 5 kms from an incoming Stiener advance. Then he panic’ed. Well that helps…

So he is running from mechs in a sedan, over open range. LOL. It would be funnier if he didn’t mean so much to you all.

So stupidity leads to you finding his ass and saving it… Great!


Place two random CBT mapsheets end-to-end.

Attacker: The Attacker consists of 100% of the player’s deployed forces. The Attacker deploys within four hexes of the east edge of the maps. The Attacker is Regular in skill.

Defender: The Defender consists of up to 6 mechs of the player’s BattleMech force. Also there is a small vehicle with 10 HPs total being chased by the attackers. The vehicle must be with 8 hexes of the attackers, in the “lead”. This is “the package” and must be protected at all costs.

Track Cost: 50 WP
Optional Bonuses (All Bonuses Cumulative)


OBJECTIVES (All WP Rewards Cumulative)

Save this pig (50 WP)


Forced Withdrawl: The Forced Withdrawl rules are in effect. The Defender must withdraw through the west edge of the maps. The Attacker must withdraw through the east edge of the maps.

Salvage: Due to the nature of the contract, the Defender may take 50% of salvage/ransom of any units left upon the field.

Welcome to Lorel MotherF****….

Save the Pigs Bacon

At the edge of formality nerdknow